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Supplements should look like nature birthed them!

Take your supplements without a capsule 

So as we nurses like to say "shit happens." The problem comes in when you notice undigested capsules in stool. Many of us use the bathroom and proceed to flush! Who looks through their stool???
My patients come in with a huge list of supplements yet they're malnutrition & desperately in need of cellular repair. Our entire body is made up of cells and these cells require the nutrition from nuts, berries, seeds, grains, herbs, fruits, veggies, flowers, and other "mother natures" cures! When you introduce something like capsules many can be unrecognizable to the body.
Although our stomach produces acid its not what you may think.  Gastric juice is made up of water, electrolytes, hydrochloric acid, enzymes, mucus, and intrinsic factor. Acid is made by the parietal cells in the proximal two thirds of the stomach. This aids in digestion by creating the optimal pH for pepsin and gastric lipase as well as stimulating pancreatic bicarbonate secretion.
Stomach acid or gastric acid is a watery colorless fluid that’s produced by your stomach’s lining. It’s highly acidic and helps break down food for easier digestion. This helps your body absorb nutrients more easily as food moves through your digestive tract. In order to break down everything from meat to tough fibrous plants stomach acid has to be highly acidic which is dangerous.
Your body is designed to handle normal levels of stomach acid so it doesn’t cause you any illness or health complications.  This being said depending on whats inside the capsules and what its made of depends on the amount of acid it produces. Also your diet affects your acidity levels.
So just don't second guess it & put the contents of the capsule in a smoothie. This way its carried by fruits & veggies already broken down and ready to be used by every cell in your body!

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Fasting is the cure!

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I am a fun-loving, motivated type of woman. I have been through a lot in my life and nothing was ever just given to me. I am a nurse, medical assistant, nutritionist, and have a diploma in aromatherapy. I love helping others but would like it to be on my terms and what I'm most passionate about. I love researching everything about the human body and how it works, shopping, whipping up herbal cures, making soap, and spending time with my family. When I fasted 21 days to cure cancer after refusing toxic chemo & radiation I was opened up to knowledge and wisdom!! I used parts of my brain for the very first time! I knew things I should not have if that makes sense!! You see they gave me 6 months but The Most High had other plans for my life. You see we are given a dirt body to hold the spirit but it also needs to be nourished. The Torah is God's words written by man and the 22 letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet are the same 22 amino acids in our bodies. The garden of Eden is "The feminine enclosure of delight." That is what it translates to in Hebrew and those rivers Moses described are a function of the female body. I have been chosen to heal Yahweh's dirt bodies and for that I am grateful! I write ebooks about the body that make it easier for others not in the field to understand, it’s all wordplay to mess with your psyche! I also make my own products to help people follow through with spiritual fasts to cure disease. Check out my store at I also promote self-love over at